A.P. Shaps offers free resizing and length adjustment for all of our jewelry that can be resized (see below information on Eternity rings) for the buyer’s lifetime. For us, it’s exceptionally important to resize the jewelry to ensure that it properly fits and feels comfortable.


How to proceed to resize or adjust the length

Contact our team at and let us know what item you wish to resize. For online orders, we will assist you in making a FedEx return label for your product. We will proceed with the resizing as soon as it comes to our atelier. After the resizing/adjustment is complete, we will return the item by FedEx. 

For jewelry that cannot be resized, such as eternity rings, we will create a new product in the right size. There will be no charge for making a new product, although it may take a little extra time. 

You may also visit our boutique to leave in your jewelry piece for resizing/ length adjustment.


Time required

Solitaire rings: 1 week
Eternity rings: 3–4 weeks (we create a new product for you)
Necklaces: 1–2 weeks
Bracelets: 1–2 weeks