Our History

The A.P. Shaps story starts in the most genuine of ways. The story is simple: It’s about how one man’s fiery passion for diamonds transformed into a creative and enthusiastic international business.

Many years ago, Alexander Shaps started collecting and investing in diamonds, mainly from the Lucara Mine in Botswana, Africa. On multiple occasions, Alexander has been invited to the mine to see the mining operations firsthand and gain a more comprehensive appreciation of the diamond industry – from mining to cutting, trading and retailing. Since that time, Alexander’s diamond collection has become international in scope. By having such a massive collection Alexander and his capable staff had the unique opportunity to evaluate the diamonds using features beyond the 4C:s of diamond quality.

In 2016, the decision to start a diamond business materialized, and at this time, A.P. Shaps initiated the national (Sweden) and international trade of the company’s diamonds.  The A.P. Shaps boutique on Strandvägen 11 opened in 2018 and has since been run and operated entirely by a young, driven woman (Nathalie), the company’s CEO. In only a few years, A.P. Shaps became the most high-end jewelry boutique in Stockholm, offering diamonds Beyond Rare. However, despite the fast growth of the business, one important principle remains unshaken: only the highest quality diamonds, one-on-one customer service and an innovative online platform are the hallmarks of our corporate philosophy.

 The family business has grown, and today The A.P. Shaps team is composed of highly experienced goldsmiths, diamond setters, gemologists, designers and sales representatives, all of whom are utterly dedicated and fully committed to offering our clients the best level of service, attention to detail, technical excellence and absolute luxury.