Our Craftsmanship


Unlike most jewelers in Sweden, we conduct the entire process in house – from designing and sketching to melting a piece of gold, forming, crafting and polishing. Our approach relies on our designers’ exceptional expertise and ability to translate the client’s requests into original and creative real-world visions.

In-house Designers

Our jewelry are designed to reflect the natural shape and beauty of the diamond while also capturing the wearer’s individuality. Our experienced artisans meticulously craft each piece to suit individual tastes and styles. From the very beginning, all pieces have been design in-house and our small, fine details is what differ an A.P. Shaps piece from other brands.

Our Diamonds

A diamond from A.P. Shaps is always selected for its impeccable quality and personal character. Completely free of visible inclusions and blemishes, each diamond is cut to reveal its innate brilliance, magical qualities and spectacular fire within. A diamond that is well cut, with facets subtly angled och symmetrical, will ensure that the light refracts through the diamond to optimize and enhance its beauty and overall sparkle.

Handcrafted in Stockholm

In central Stockholm, our master goldsmiths is working full-time to bring our clients’ most unique gifts to life. With over 35 years of experience in creating the finest jewels in Stockholm, our master goldsmith knows the exact balance needed and what it takes to hand-craft a piece of jewelery that is both beautiful and that maintains its structural integrity.