Handmade in Stockholm

Unlike most jewelers in Sweden, we conduct the entire process in house – from designing and sketching to melting a piece of gold, forming, crafting and polishing. Our approach relies on our designers’ exceptional expertise and ability to translate the client’s requests into original and creative real-world visions. Once the client is satisfied with our initial sketches and the models are approved, the actual jewelry making process begins.

Handcrafted From Scratch

Handcrafting a new piece of jewelry always starts with a solid piece of gold or platinum that’s melted into a bar. Our jewelers form the metal into the desired design.

Diamond Setting

When the base of the jewelry is completed, the piece is sent to the diamond setter. The diamond setter is a specialist in setting diamonds, using the most advanced techniques available on the market. The diamond setter works under a microscope to ensure exceptional precision. Depending on the complexity of the design and the number of diamonds, the process can take many hours and sometimes even days to complete.

The Final Touch

Once all the diamonds have been set, the piece is returned to our goldsmith to perform the final touch, including polishing, rhodium plating and engraving. Polishing is an essential step to unlock the beauty of precious stones and bring them to life.

Quality Control

When the jewelry is finished, it goes to our production manager for final inspection (i.e. quality control). We meticulously inspect every angle and corner of the piece to ensure that the craftmanship level has been maintained throughout the process. After this, this beautiful piece of jewelry is ready to ‘meet’ its new owner.

Our Promise

When buying a diamond from A.P. Shaps, our ultimate goal is to make it an intimate and special experience. The business model we visualize is simple: The customer’s individual needs and preferences always come first, and we strive to make your purchase a smooth and successful process. All our diamonds are genuine, untreated and conflict-free. If the diamond weighs 0.3 carats or more, it comes with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate certifying the diamond’s quality characteristics.If you have any concerns about your diamond choice, you are always welcome to contact us. Having quality services, high-quality products and satisfied customers are our highest priority.

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