A.P. Shaps has a strong passion for creating eye-catching high jewelry created by the most talented artisans and featuring some of the rarest and exceptional gemstones available. Each stone is carefully handpicked after criteria that go far beyond the 4Cs of diamond quality to create an unparalleled piece due to its rarity and magnificence.


Our timeless Classic Collection, superbly graceful and simple in design and creation, reflects the quintessential style of the single diamond placement’s grace and elegance. In the Classic Collection, our items are made as round or fancy shape diamonds.

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Of all the designs, the Icon Collection represents the ultimate classic look. To highlight the stones’ beauty, delicate claws are designed to gracefully surround the diamond. The claws function to enhance the stone’s appearance and ensure its stability.

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Its simplicity makes it easy to wear and a must-have in your private collection. Choose the size, quality and style of your diamond according to your preference.

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Bead-collection is a playful everyday collection that features easy to wear jewelry. A perfect gift!

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Our petit collection features small fancy shaped diamonds in delicate chains to create something for everyday use. This collection is made with such diamond shapes as pears, hearts and ovals.

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Our Logo collection represents the simplicity of jewelry design. It can be made with or without diamonds—the perfect gift for that special someone.

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P. Son

P. Son features perfect everyday jewelry with a design that is classic, timeless and fun

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A.P. One

A modern setting distinguished by a halo of brilliant, sophisticated pavé stones surrounding a single, spectacular diamond. Can be made with round diamonds or fancy shapes.

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