High Jewelry


A.P. Shaps has a strong passion for creating eye-catching high jewelry created by the most talented artisans and featuring some of the rarest and exceptional gemstones available. Each stone is carefully handpicked after criteria that go far beyond the 4C:s of diamond quality to create an unparalleled piece due to its rarity and magnificence.

Natural Pink Diamonds


Pink Diamonds are extremely rare. 90% of the world’s supply of natural pink diamonds were produced by only one mine, The Argyle Mine in western Australia. This mine closed at the end of 2020 and pink diamonds are now often traded by private investors and a few jewellers worldwide.

‘Pink Elegance’ Necklace

‘Pink Elegance’ Earrings

‘Pink Elegance’ Ring

‘Pink Elegance’ Earrings

A.P. Shaps’ High Jewelry Collection is a result of combining state of the art diamonds, innovative design and outstanding craftsmanship

Rare White Diamonds


Some white diamonds are without question rarer and more unique than others. Characteristics such as carat weight, color and clarity and diamond type (Type IIA or Type Type IIb) has a large effect on the availability and value.

‘Constance’ Trilogy Ring

‘Constance’ Trilogy Ring

‘Constance’ Trilogy Ring

‘Constance’ Trilogy Ring

‘Classic’ Tennis Necklace

Each stone is carefully handpicked after criteria that go far beyond the 4Cs of diamond quality.

Yellow and Brown Diamonds


Yellow and brown diamonds go within the Fancy Color range; they often come in overtones such as green and orange. Since every fancy colored diamond are so unique and special, they are often impossible to replace with exactly the same color and quality characteristics.

‘Yellow Diamond’ Necklace

‘Yellow Diamond’ Earring

We work exclusively with diamonds of the highest quality as our signature is a seal of quality.