High Jewelry

A.P. Shaps has a strong passion for creating eye-catching high jewelry created by the most talented artisans and featuring some of the rarest and exceptional gemstones available. Each stone is carefully handpicked after criteria that go far beyond the 4Cs of diamond quality to create an unparalleled piece due to its rarity and magnificence.


Our stunning pear shape diamond necklace is designed to let the diamond reveal its natural and diverse radiance. Superbly graceful and simple in design and creation, this piece reflects the quintessential style of the charm and elegance of a single diamond placement.

Not only does this spectacular diamond belong to the Type IIa category, but it is also graded with one of the rarest combinations of the 4C:s – making this piece a real collector’s item.

3.17 carat D/Internally Flawless, Type IIa Pear Shape Diamond
(GIA Full Diamond Report + GIA Type IIa Certificate)

Price on request



As part of the Constance Collection, this piece showcases an exquisite Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, flanked by a matching pair of tapered baguette diamonds in a petit setting to create a maximum effect of brilliance, fire and scintillation, the diamond superpowers.

3.38 carat F/VS2, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
2 x Tapered Baguette Cut Diamonds
(GIA Full Diamond Report)

Price on request


This magnificent platinum necklace is one of the most luxurious pieces on the market and unquestionably an eye-catcher. The necklace showcases exquisite round brilliant cut white diamonds on a row of square-shaped articulated settings designed to create maximum sparkle and scintillation.

11.80 carat, 145 pieces, D-F/VVS, Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

490.000 SEK


This platinum bracelet is unquestionably an eye-catcher. Handmade with the finest diamonds. This bracelet has already been sold to one of our discerning clients, however we would certainly be able to create another unique masterpiece just for you!

0.40 carat/each, total 14.80 carats, E/VVS2, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
(GIA Diamond Report on all diamonds)

Price on request


This magnificent necklace is a creation reconciling modern and classic styles. A stunning 6.39 carat jewelry piece that encircles the neck by Internally Flawless white diamonds leads to the necklace centerpiece, one of the world’s rarest jewels, a natural Purplish Pink Diamond.

1.03 carat Fancy Light Purplish Pink/VS1, Pear-Shape Diamond
5.36 carat D / Internally Flawless, Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
(GIA Full Diamond Report for all diamonds)

Price on request


The flawless combination of natural-colored diamonds. Ideally matched princess cut and pear shape diamonds carefully assembled with round natural pink diamonds. Made in 18K Rose Gold or Platinum.

0.30 carat E / VVS2, Princess Cut Diamond
0.30 carat E / VVS2, Princess Cut Diamond
0.59 carat D/VVS1, Pear Shape Diamond
0.57 carat D/VVS1, Pear Shape Diamond
10 x Natural Pink Diamonds, Round Brilliant Cut

94.000 SEK


Square emerald cut diamonds are famous for their strict facets showing throughout the stone. Two trapezoids (total weight 0.40 carat) accompany this emerald cut diamond ring as shoulder diamonds. The setting is designed to accentuate the emerald cut, which is of excellent quality.

3.01 carat F / VVS1, Square Emerald Cut Diamond
2 x Trapezoid Cut Diamonds
(GIA Full Diamond Report)

690.000 SEK


Due to their rarity and splendor, fancy yellow diamonds are the focal point of the setting. Our designers have worked tirelessly to ensure that this piece showcases its unique features and remarkable beauty. A piece of statement jewelry and defiantly an eye-catcher.

3.10 carat Fancy Intense Yellow/VVS1, Cushion Cut Diamond
(GIA Full Diamond Report)

490.000 SEK


Two spectacular diamonds joined together to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The diamonds are set on a Shepherd hook to allow them to swirl downward through the air like dancers, encouraging an extra sparkle to your apparel with these precious earrings. The earrings are made in 18K yellow gold.

2.50 carat Fancy Yellow / VS1
2.50 carat Fancy Yellow / VS2
(GIA Full Diamond Report)

350.000 SEK



This cognac-colored diamond necklace is a rare and exquisite work of art with its unique sparkle and radiance. This magnificent diamond is placed in a delicate setting unveiling its right hue and luminance.

4.07 carat Fancy Deep Brown Yellow/SI1
(GIA Full Diamond Report)

350.000 SEK