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Purchases is only available in-store or by email and phone. Please schedule an appointment in our boutique or contact our sales representatives at

Yes. We ship internationally via FedEx Express priority.

Your jewelry will be packaged in a signature A.P. Shaps jewelry box and shopping bag. Every piece also comes with an A.P. Shaps certificate, and for jewelry featuring diamonds over 0.30 carat, a GIA diamond certificate. The box will be carefully packed and sent with FedEx Express, fully insured and trackable.

Yes. We offer a free resizing of A.P. Shaps rings for the lifetime of the purchaser. A.P. Shaps will create an entirely new ring from those that cannot be resized (Eternity rings and rings featuring small diamonds circling the ring), which may have a four-week maximum delivery time.

If we have the jewelry in stock it can be purchased the same day. To create a new piece of jewellery usually takes between 2-4 weeks depending on complexity.

Our jewelry products are made at the A.P. Shaps atelier in central Stockholm.

Care and repair

Store diamond jewels in such a way that each piece is separated so they cannot scratch each other. Stones vary in hardness and softer stones and metals can easily be scratched by harder stones. Diamonds are the hardest material and should be stored individually and should not contact other diamonds. Diamonds are best stored in the box in which they came in or a soft fabric pouch.Diamonds should be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Do not use harsh detergents or alcohol. Rings can be cleaned regularly to maintain the diamond’s sparkle and remove any germs or bacteria and hand creams that may be logged underneath the setting.

Although diamonds are extremely hard, we recommend that you do not wear them while performing tasks that could scratch the metal.

Metals are sensitive to scratches and knocks. You can use a non-abrasive cleaner to maintain your gold and platinum jewelry. Use a soft cloth to regularly polish your gold and store it separately from other metals to avoid discoloration. Depending on wear and tear level, 18-carat white gold and platinum rings may require re-polishing periodically.Don’t wear your jewelry when cleaning at home with chemicals, working out, carrying heavy items, showering, gardening, or other activities where your jewelry may scratch.

Colored Gemstones require extra care. They are not as hard as diamonds and many gemstones are sensitive to heat, light and chemicals. A.P. Shaps should always clean A.P. Shaps’ colored gemstone jewelry and you are welcome to visit us as often as you deem necessary.

Our diamonds

For diamonds above 0.30 carat, our quality standard is E in color, VS1 in clarity, Excellent in Cut, polish and symmetry, None Fluorescence and with a GIA Certificate. For Diamonds below 0.30 carat: D-E in color, VS in clarity.

Yes, this service is available in our Stockholm boutique only.

Yes. A.P. Shaps carries the largest in-house inventory of diamonds in all of Scandinavia. Please contact us by phone or email or fill in our Special Diamond Request to get a quotation for other diamond suggestions.

Yes, you are always welcome to visit our boutique to view and compare our diamonds.

All diamonds above 0.30 carat come with a diamond certificate from GIA (Gemological Institute of America). We have diamonds with GIA certificates that are as small as 0.07 carat, although please contact us if this is of interest.

For diamond jewelry that doesn’t have a GIA certificate, you will receive an A.P. Shaps certificate stating how many diamonds and the diamonds’ quality so you can always feel confident with your purchase.

Issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), an independent laboratory and the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, the certificate records the physical proportions and qualities of your diamond.

Yes. All our diamonds are responsibly mined according to the Kimberley Process, which certifies that diamonds originate from conflict-free zones. It is of crucial importance that the ethical, conflict-free provenance of our jewelry is diligently maintained. We follow the conscious jewelry philosophy.

Engagement and bridal

Yes. All our engagement rings are entirely hand made. We believe in true craftsmanship and offer our clients the best products as well as much greater insight into the production process.

Yes. Almost 70% of our bridal jewelry is bespoke to some extent . You can always contact us if you wish to book an appointment to discuss changes in designs or bespoke jewelry.

There are a number of factors to consider, including color, clarity, cut, proportions, fluorescence, and what types of inclusions your diamond features. All this information is given in the GIA certificate. Other important factors not stated in the certificate include luster, scintillation, how the inclusions and fluorescence affect your diamond, and so on.

Yes. It is complimentary, and you can either visit our boutique to leave in the ring for resizing or contact your sales representative and arrange a FedEx pick-up for the ring to be sent to us.

We offer complimentary resizing for the purchaser’s lifetime, complimentary cleaning and polishing/rhodium plating for your engagement ring for the purchaser’s lifetime.

We offer ultrasonic cleaning in our boutique for all A.P. Shaps jewelry as often as you want.

If there are any problems with your ring, please contact us directly and we will resolve any issue. Our clients must receive service value and feel totally confident having A.P. Shaps as their jeweler.